How to submit to Just Steampunk Magazine and Just Cards Magazine

If you'd like to get your Steampunk projects published or the cards you made, here is some info how to do that. It would be grat of course if Rick's images will be used on your projects/cards. If you do don;t forget to mention the digi is by Rick St,dennis and also mention the name of the image

here's how to
  • "Just Steampunk" magazine by Scott Publications:  
    Scott Publications is pleased to announce the highly-successful Just Steampunk! series of special Just Cards presents... publications!
    Steampunk is vague in definition; Just Steampunk! magazine defines it as an artform that mixes the styles of past generations (such as the Victorian era) with modern conveniences. Works of art feature materials such as antique watch parts, keys and gears in vintage color schemes of browns, gold and metallics. This special issue features this unique style in all its glory, highlighting works of art in all types of media: paper arts, polymer clay, dolls, jewelry, accessories and more. Including over 300 full color photographs showcasing projects from a variety of talented designers, Just Steampunk is sure to satisfy the demand of die hard fans, or whet the appetite of the newly curious. Warning: Steampunk art may become addictive!
    *Submissions Wanted! Submit a photo of your best steampunk design! Email 300dpi digital files to attention “Just Steampunk,” or snail mail photos to 2145 W. Sherman Blvd., Norton Shores, MI 49441. Please include your name and address, contact information and a short description of the project.  Click here to find submission deadlines.
  • "Just Cards" magazine by Scott Publications:
    Project Submission Guidelines

    Just Cards! is always on the lookout for new and innovative cards. Follow these guidelines for submitting cards to help us create an effective, informative magazine.
    • Clearly address the submission Just Cards, 2145 W. Sherman Blvd., Muskegon, MI 49441.

    • Clearly label EACH piece submitted with your name, address, phone number and/or email address. Artwork is often separated from instructions during the review process; if your piece is not correctly labeled, we will not be responsible for its return.
    • Stamped artwork MUST include proper stamp/product credits. If possible, please refer to the manufacturer’s catalog to list the proper name of the stamp used, ex. Magenta’s 03.001.B.
    • If the stamp is unknown, please do not submit it.
    • Please do not submit cards using stamps where the manufacturer is known to no longer exist. For example, cards containing PSX images are no longer being accepted.
    • Include detailed step-by-step instructions for EACH piece. Preferably write down the information while making the project rather than backtracking. Typed instructions in Times New Roman font are preferred.
    • If you would like your submission returned, please include proper postage. Submissions unaccompanied by sufficient postage will NOT be returned.
    • Click here to find the deadlines for submissions.

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  1. I just purchased Vol 8 and am very disappointed. Steampunk is not just throwing any trinket or do-dad together onto something that might be old or looks old. Very few of the submissions meet what I consider Steampunk. Just because you glue on a watch or clock part does not mean it automatically becomes steampunk. This is just junk thrown together. If you want to get a better idea what steampunk really means is to think of these 3 things; the Borg from Star Trek, Capt Nemo from 'The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' and Mad Max desert outlaws. Combine all 3 especially the dress of Victorian London and the gritty industrialization of the Borg and you come close. Unfortunately the so called artists in this magazine fail to understand that. Put a clock hand or gear on it and POOF! its Steampunk.