Sunday, February 22, 2015

Speed colouring hair, skin and make uo of Rosalinda

First video ever I made to blog, so not the best, it has no sound, it's a speed colouring video using Rosalinda a Rick St.dennis Digi, you can find her here

I used Faber Castell Polychromos pencils, see pic for colournrs. and the pencils are there so you can compare colours when using another brand pencil

and you will also need Odourless white spirit (or baby oil)

As you can see I started using the light orange nr 111 and next used orange 117 to colour the highlights. The shadow parts are 263, And blended that. Then kept adding more colour to make the highlights brighter. The black pencils is used for shadow. Search the parts of the hair that are underneath the highlighted parts and draw shadows with black. When this was done I thought it needed a bit more highlighted parts and used 109 to get some lighter parts in the highlights. See next video,

Next the skin and make up, A bit hard to see (sorry need better cam for this) but I started using nr 132 and next 189 to create the shadows . The blush is 130. The eye is two colours green, the darker green is used to shade. Because blending with OMS the paper gets a bit wet which makes the  skin colours in the face look a bit weird, see picture above how it looked when the paper has dried

Hope you liked this eventhough the videos are not good quality

Sunday, February 15, 2015

An adorable basket for Easter/Spring

Quick, Cheap and Cheerful is what we like for craft projects-here is another whimsical project from Monique-changing the digi, colours and papers certainly makes this a project for all SEASONS!!!

Quick and easy to make, in five minutes you will have a cute paper basket you can fill with chocolate or little gifts.
All you need is a square piece of paper (I used double sided printed paper), scissors, glue a ruler and a pencil.
For the small basket I used a 6" piece of paper and for the big basket a 12" piece of paper.
How to
With a pencil and ruler draw an evenly spaced 3 x 3 grid onto the paper.
for the 6" piece of paper draw the lines 2" apart.

Fold and unfold along each of the lines to make a crease

make cuts like in the pic below

fold up the left and the right side of the paper to turn it into a basket
and glue the sides see pics below

use a strip of paper to make a handle and glue it on the basket.
I also put some brads through

I atached a Rick St. Dennis digi, Larry Lapin

and filled the baskets with chocolate eggs

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Baby gift / Easter gift

Here is a wonderful and whimsical baby gift perfect for spring design by MONIQUE as part of her spring gifty ideas series:

A fun project using Rick St. Dennis Duckie digi's and an egg carton,

I gessoed the egg carton and let dry, then put on a layer of white acrylic paint and let dry again. then gave the carton a pink wash (used a sponge to add pink paint and whiped it off before the paint was dry)
Coloured the digi's and cut them out, used a die to cut out the labels for the top and the inside of the box (I used rose paterend paper for that). Ink the edges of the labels using a pink ink pad and glue the duckies on.
The little bow's were Rick's idea, he said the duckies would look great with real bows, and he was right.
then I added some ribbon and pearls on the lit of the egg carton and after some discussion with the boss also on the inside LOL.

Now there are different ways to use this box, you can put chocolate Easter eggs in it, but, I wanted to use it as a gift for a collegue of mine who had a little baby girl last week (that's where all the pink came from LOL). I put baby sock cupcakes inside.

These baby sock cupcakes are not very hard to make, here is how to

what you need is a pair of coloured and a pair of white baby socks

Separate the socka and pair one white sock with a coloured sock

Turn the socks inside out

roll the cuff sown halfway
fold the cuff a second time to create a sturdy edge

Pull the tip of the sock through the inside of the cuff ans gently gather the extra fabric to create a swirl. Set sock aside

fold the cuff of the second sock a second time to create the sturdy edge again and pull the tip of the sock through the inside of the cuff again, but instead of a swirl create a pocket

Carefully place the first sock inside the second sock, and you can place the entire sock in a cupcake liner to finish, I just put it in the egg carton without the cupcake liner.
Repeat steps with the second pair of socks.

I also made some cupcakes out of onesies, to go with the egg carton, this little gift also has a duckie label on it.

Here is how to:

fold the onesie like in the pic, fold the sock inside as shown in the pic and roll the onesie up, put a ribbon around it and put in cupcake liner

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Paper Roses

I asked Monique to create a little tutorial on how to create roses from dies.

Apparently there are quite a number of video and other how tos on this subject online but frankly in my many years of association with the crafts industry I have never been aware this could be done.

We often made ribbon roses of both the fold and twist variety and the wired edge ribbon style where you gather one side of the ribbon using the wire-both of these make an acceptable rose.

In the days when CREPE PAPER was a crafting staple we uses to cut out petal shapes from the paper-roll it on a pencil then crush the sides towards the middle...slide the paper off the pencil, unroll and shape by gently stretching the center of the petal-eventually when you had enough of these petals you would start rolling and wiring the bottoms with floral wire.

You could also make a similar item using wood fiber petals.

So many crafting techniques have become archaic and who would have thought back then that personal computers and die cutters ould become such an intergral part of crafting?

Rick asked me to do a "how to" on making roses from dies, here is how I do this.
I've got 2 differente dies which I use, the Tim Holtz "tattered Pinecone" which you can make a rose. The other one is Marianne Design Creatable LR0162
see pics below

here is how I make the Marianne design rose

when you cut out the die, you will get this spiral shape, you need to roll the rose starting from the outside.

The center part of the spiral will make the base upon which you glue the rolled rose shape.

to begin I use pliers, put the end of the rose around the tip of the pliers and roll a bit, then remove pliers and roll the rose by hand, see pics

the last part of the die is made to glue the rose to,

so put on some glue and pres the rose to the base, I use liquid glue, cause it has some drying time, which gives me time to move and shape the rose the way I want , but of course you can use a glue gun. See pics

when the glue has dried,you can either leave the rose as it is or take the pliers and bend the tip of the petals back , to give them a bit of a curve (this works a lot better with the TH die)

here the finished product

How I make the TH rose.
I like to give thes roses a bit of a vintage, old look, so I sand the edges

and then put some distress ink on it using a make up sponge
then roll again outside in, use pliers to get a start, same steps as the Marianne design rose, see pics

Now you can leave the rose like this, but you can also bend the petals with the pliers
when you curved all the petals, the rose look something like the blue roses (both blue roses are made of the same paper, but nice to see what distress can do )
The pink rose is rolled up a bit tighter, you can get a different effect by how tight you roll the rose.
Sorry for the ink and glue on my fingers in the pic, hope you can understand from the pics, cause not easy to take pic and make a rose at the same time (I need four hands)
Special Thanks to Monique for this interesting how to-I hope its new information to some of you as it is to me?

The next how to will be a floral home d├ęcor item using these roses and some clever creativity to make a charming "BELL JAR" which could be changed with the seasons and with each passing holiday.

Click HERE for a video tutorial on ROLLED ribbon roses.

Click HERE for the folded ribbon rose that I am familiar with.

Click HERE for a crepe paper rose made much the way I used to do them except the roling and crushing the petels has been omitted and we used a much more ptel shaped piece of paper to start with.