Thursday, August 13, 2015

altered book Steam Punk style

Page 2 of the altered board book

Metallic Lustres in : Copper Kettle, Radiant Red, Black Shimmer, Gols Rush, Elegant Emerald, Silver Spark.
Black Gesso and Black Modeling paste from the Media line
 Rick St. Dennis digi used Jarrod and Jacosta, colored using Caran d'ache luminance pencils. If you want to see how I made this check out the videobelow.

For the first video , ho to make the covers and preparing the book , see here

Friday, July 17, 2015

3-D skulls from 2-D digi

Hi, Helen/Croms here today.
How many times have you been making a project and come up with the "it needs something else" niggle? A 3-d element to add dimension could be what you want. Although this technique is not my own and, I suspect, there are many tutorials out there, I do use it on a regular basis so thought to share it with you. I have used the large skull from Rick's Skull Sheet

I isolated this image and printed multiples in 3 different sizes for the 3 skulls needed.
Then cut out, shaving a bit off each image for each of the layers and cutting out those areas inside the image that needed to be indented. In this case, the eye and nose sockets.
Also a couple of bits that needed extra "lift" - here the teeth and brow bones.
Now to stick them all together......
Each piece, apart from the base image, needs to be shaped slightly - to keep the rounded look
An embossing ball tool and a soft surface helps with the little bits but the larger pieces could probably be done with fingers - gently teasing the pieces into shape.
Then using a silicon type glue, not sticky pads, because the adhesive needs to be heat resistant, the layers can be built up.

Make sure to line up all the lines of the image.
Here you can see that the eye and nose sockets are empty
Now is the time for patience. That glue has to be set well. 

For those of you that were lucky to get a purpose built melting pot before they were discontinued now is the time to dust it off and get the UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel) out. Simply dip the skulls into the liquid and drain off any excess. Don't forget you can use a heat gun to help get it all smoothed out to your satisfaction. I find the larger pieces benefit from this due to the swift setting properties of the UTEE.
Here are my finished skulls ready for the project.....
3 panels of my desk tidy
There are other mediums out there that can be used in place of the UTEE eg Decoart Triple Thick Gloss Glaze so don't feel hard done by if you haven't got UTEE. Use what you have.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

art joural video

I made an art journal page using the Rick St. dennis  Lux Eterna Skull,  and did a video for the #lovesummerart event while making the page, check it out here, you can see how I made this from start to finish in the video.

 Deco Art producs used: Americana Acrylics in Vivid Violet, Snow White, Sweet Mint and Orange Flame.  Traditions Acrylics in Carbon Black. Media Fluid Acrylics in Burnt Umber. Glasspaint marker in white. Andy Skinner Stencils Industrial elements, Code Breaker and Tornado. Andy Skinner Industrial rubber stamps

there is also a video how I coloured the skull here
check out the skull digi sheet here, an awesome collection of skullies :-)

Monday, April 6, 2015

Going Green

Mixed Media project callled Going Green, all about recycling :-)

The recycle part is the card this is made of, the back of a paperpad and the diecuts are all from pizza boxes (the frozen pizza's, but you can also use cereal boxes)

fluid acrylics in the colours; Phthalo Green, Phthalo Blue, Paynes Grey, English Red Oxide, Cobalt Teal Hue, Yellow Iron Oxide.
Misters in the colour: Primary Magenta, Yellow green, Turquiose.
Antiquing Cream in Titanium white and Carbon Black
Traditions Acrylic paint in: Phthalo Blue, Carbon Black, Opaque White and Naphtol Red.
Metalic Lustres in: Lavish green, Cosmic blue and Radiant Red
Andy Skinner Mixed Media stencils: Industrial Elements, Made to Measure, Incognito, Code Breaker.

Stamps used: skull stamp from the Morte set from Smeared Ink, designed by Rick St.dennis.
Crackle stamp from Lost Coast Designs
Tim Holtz Alteration dies: Gadget Gears, Vintage Globe, Graveyard.
A flourish and Spider die and the Sizzix Cosmic Flourish #2
Ranger Archival Ink
Babywhipes and kitchentowel, you will also need some paintbrushes and a sponge.

the finished project

The how to video

some detail pics

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Rick St dennis AMOREUX video part 1 and 2 April 2015

This video uses a digi from Rick's Zibbet Shop called "Amoreux" you can find it HERE.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Colouring with Spectrum Noir Blendable pencils

I  will be doing videos to compare the most popular pencil brands, starting with Spectrum Noir. In next videos I will use: Derwent Coloursoft, Prismacolor,  Faber Castell Polychromos and Caran D'ache Luminance 6901)

The image used is a rubber stamp called Pia designed by Rick St.dennis and available at I Brake For Stamps.

First a bit about the pencils,

They come in 120 different colours, no open stock, they are sold in sets, (which means if you need to replace one pencil because you have used it often, you will have to buy the complete set it is in)
There are five - 24 pencil sets: Essentials, Primaries, Marine, Floral and Nature.

The pigments are wax based according to the Spectrum Noir website, on the tin it says they are oil based.  Internet search learned that Spectrum Noir is changing the present advertising to wax based because the pencils are not completly oil based.

Wax based pencils have a softer lead than oil based pencils, but when layering you can get wax bloom (looks like a cloudy white layer over the colours). Oil based pencils are more expensive and  can be used on a wider variety of surfaces, like wood.

Because the leads of wax based pencils are softer they can break more easily than oil based leads. Specially annoying when sharpening and the point keeps breaking.

The Spectrum Noirs pencils are packed in tins, there is a booklet inside that explains a bit about different colouring techniques and info about the other sets and accessoiries. The pencils are matte black (when you first open the tin you will they smell horrible, I think it is the paint, the smell disapears after a while though), with on the end of the pencils an index colour. The pencils don't have colour names but are numbered.

You can download a colour chart here, there are charts per set, a complete chart and one you will have to colour yourself (that works best ofcourse, printer ink will change colours and computer screen settings vary too).

The pencils are waterproof and can be used with a blending solution (like odourless white spirit, or baby oil) and a paper stump, with a blending pencil. And ofcourse without any blender or solvent jst using the pencils . Light fastness is being tested so no info about that yet.

I stamped the image using Archival Jet Black ink on 240 grams stamping paper, and used odourless whit spirit to blend the pencils. Using odourless white spirit works best on smooth paper.
Pencils used : Skin; 005, 009.  Hair: 15, 89, 91, 95.  Hair ribbon: 67, 73, Lips: 42. Blush: 37, Eyes 47, 73. These are all from the essentials set. I used one set so if you would like to try the pencils, you only have to buy 1 set and still can do the same as in the video.  The best way to decide if you like a pencil brand is to try them. Most pencils are sold in open stock so you can just buy a few to test. In case of Spectrum Noir you will need to buy a tin of 24 pencils, and that's why I chose the Essential set.

Here the video, First time using narration and it was scary, hope it is not hurting your ears.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

colouring the Rick St. dennis practise sheet part 1 and 2

Here is part one of the colouring of the sheet Rick made to practise colouring folds.

In the video I use Faber Castel Polychromos pencils,  but other brands can be used as well ofcourse.

If you'd like to try this at home email me here,  and I will send you the sheet.

You can find  Rick St. dennis digital stamps in Zibbet and Etsy

part 2

Next video's doing the other parts of the sheet follow asap

Sunday, March 1, 2015

making a mixed media piece using a 1000 Stars image and a galaxy background

Another how to this time a mixed media canvas using the Rick St. Dennis digi a 1000 stars (this week free when purchasing something in Zibbet or Etsy)

Products used :

A piece of cardboard
Deco Art products:
Americana Acrylics in Purple Pizazz, Ocean Blue, Lamp black, Snow white, Dragon Fruit

 The how to videos are below the pictures of the finished project, in the video is explained how the back ground and the letters are made.

Everyting starts with colouring the image ofcours , Faber Castell Polychromos used on this one

The dress was covered with Craft twinkles after colouring, the cut her out of the background and the rest is in the videos below, Enjoy

 tried to make the sparkle visable but hard in pictures.
here a scan

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Speed colouring hair, skin and make uo of Rosalinda

First video ever I made to blog, so not the best, it has no sound, it's a speed colouring video using Rosalinda a Rick St.dennis Digi, you can find her here

I used Faber Castell Polychromos pencils, see pic for colournrs. and the pencils are there so you can compare colours when using another brand pencil

and you will also need Odourless white spirit (or baby oil)

As you can see I started using the light orange nr 111 and next used orange 117 to colour the highlights. The shadow parts are 263, And blended that. Then kept adding more colour to make the highlights brighter. The black pencils is used for shadow. Search the parts of the hair that are underneath the highlighted parts and draw shadows with black. When this was done I thought it needed a bit more highlighted parts and used 109 to get some lighter parts in the highlights. See next video,

Next the skin and make up, A bit hard to see (sorry need better cam for this) but I started using nr 132 and next 189 to create the shadows . The blush is 130. The eye is two colours green, the darker green is used to shade. Because blending with OMS the paper gets a bit wet which makes the  skin colours in the face look a bit weird, see picture above how it looked when the paper has dried

Hope you liked this eventhough the videos are not good quality

Sunday, February 15, 2015

An adorable basket for Easter/Spring

Quick, Cheap and Cheerful is what we like for craft projects-here is another whimsical project from Monique-changing the digi, colours and papers certainly makes this a project for all SEASONS!!!

Quick and easy to make, in five minutes you will have a cute paper basket you can fill with chocolate or little gifts.
All you need is a square piece of paper (I used double sided printed paper), scissors, glue a ruler and a pencil.
For the small basket I used a 6" piece of paper and for the big basket a 12" piece of paper.
How to
With a pencil and ruler draw an evenly spaced 3 x 3 grid onto the paper.
for the 6" piece of paper draw the lines 2" apart.

Fold and unfold along each of the lines to make a crease

make cuts like in the pic below

fold up the left and the right side of the paper to turn it into a basket
and glue the sides see pics below

use a strip of paper to make a handle and glue it on the basket.
I also put some brads through

I atached a Rick St. Dennis digi, Larry Lapin

and filled the baskets with chocolate eggs